Saturday 16 Sep, 2017

Starting at 9:00am to 6:00pm

Avast Software, s.r.o.

Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4 Map to Venue

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  1. MeasureCamp Prague 2016

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    It’s time to remind the MeasureCamp Prague 2016, because at the same moment the time has come to start looking forward to the next one.

    Last year we moved the second edition of MeasureCamp Prague to the brand new Avast offices and I can tell that it was a good choice. We got a bigger space with variety of room styles to match different types of talks, workshops or discussions that happened during the day. At the same moment we got the advantage of the local canteen that supported us with great meals throughout the day so even us as organizers were able to focus more on the content instead of solving logictics with an external catering agency.

    As always we got great fun with preparing the venue for the main unconference day.

    Then it all started and during the welcoming keynote we said thank you to all of our sponsors that made this event possible. It was Avast that provided us the venue and equipment, Etnetera ActivateGoogle and that supported us with the money for catering and Seznam and Medio Interactive that secured T-shirts, Lanyards and Tags. Special Thanks goes to LMC for securing a tea stand and that provided a budget to rump up the After Party and supplied the data from their system to picture the current demand for analytics roles on the market. I strongly believe that the situation today is even better with higher and more precize demand.

    The founder of MeasureCamp Peter O’Neill kicked off the main part with a video message (sadly this year he was not able to attend in person). And then it all happened:

    A lot of interesting discussions about variety of topics.

    Plethora of resources to inspire from or use in your daily practice.

    We ended the whole event with a decent After Party.

    Some others have published their reviews, so you can try to feel the atmosphere and gain more colorful view about the event.

    So, are you already looking forward? Stay tuned, we are going to please you next week with an announcement.

  2. MeasureCamp Prague 2015

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    For many years, MeasureCamp London was like a Mecca for sharing knowledge on web analytics. Luckily, Peter O’Neill started organizing the event in other cities as well. Instead of travelling to Madrid, Paris, Hong Kong, Barcelona or even Sydney, we wanted to support the local scene and prove to the world that Czech and Slovak analysts have interesting knowledge to share.

    In this post, I provide links to all the published slides and list all the jobs offered during the unconference. There are also many topics that didn’t conclude to slides, so I’ve also collected all important tweets, photos, session insights, attendee reviews and other public reports from the conference in our Storify. Be sure to read it.


  3. Looking back at MeasureCamp Prague 2015 from the Organizer’s Perspective

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    The main reason I write this article in english is the fact that the attendees voted for more international participants next time. For this reason I want this post to reach as broad audience as possible.

    How it began

    I was part of the organization committee since the days when a group of other Czech analytics enthusiasts (I believe those were Petr Havlík, Pavel Jašek, Adam Šilhan, Jan Tichý, Michal Pařízek and Jarda Vojna) that attended the original London’s MeasureCamp decided to bring this event to Prague. The guys wanted the organization to be inclusive. I suspect that the main reason was that they didn’t want this event to be driven by a particular agency that would show off. So that brought me – Lukáš Čech – into the committee as well and I want to thank them for that. Then Petr Havlík contacted Peter O’Neill and he agreed and supported us with a nice package of experience and premade infrastructure like website and e-mail templates and inspiration from previous materials for sponsors. And finally on March 4th we started to plan everything.


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