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MeasureCamp Prague 2015

For many years, MeasureCamp London was like a Mecca for sharing knowledge on web analytics. Luckily, Peter O’Neill started organizing the event in other cities as well. Instead of travelling to Madrid, Paris, Hong Kong, Barcelona or even Sydney, we wanted to support the local scene and prove to the world that Czech and Slovak analysts have interesting knowledge to share.

In this post, I provide links to all the published slides and list all the jobs offered during the unconference. There are also many topics that didn’t conclude to slides, so I’ve also collected all important tweets, photos, session insights, attendee reviews and other public reports from the conference in our Storify. Be sure to read it.

Slides and notes from some presentations

There were 26 sessions throughout the day. Some Czech and English presentations are available on Slideshare.

Start faster with Google Analytics API

Start faster with Google Analytics API from Roman Appeltauer

11 tips for Google Analytics Implementation (in Czech)

11 tipů k implementaci Google Analytics from Optimalizovaný

How to communicate for proper measurement (in Czech)

Jak komunikovat, aby to správně měřilo (MeasureCamp Prague 2015) from Miroslav Pecka

Design of Multichannel Attribution Model using Click-stream Data

Design of multichannel attribution model using click stream data from Lucie Šperková

Adobe is Good (in Czech)

Adobe je dobré from Lukáš Čech

Beyond the limits of Google Analytics (in Czech)

Za hranice Google Analytics from Medio Interactive, s.r.o.

Track every website click as event in GTM

Google Analytics Premium features without Premium licence

iTunes and Splitmetrics

iTunnes connect a Splitmetrics – Measurecamp 2015 (PDF) by Karel Pařízek.


Once again, we would like to thank our sponsors for the excellent help with the event.

Etnetera provided wonderful space called Etneteria.

Avast, and eVisions are three Gold sponsores that were so generous with their money and organizational help that MeasureCamp was a great success. At least we were able to thank them by naming the session rooms after them.

CleverMaps as our Silver partner sponsored the coffee by Doubleshot. Thanks to them we survived until the evening beer got in place.

Marketing Festival, BlueberryApps, and Medio Interactive were Silver partners. They also allowed us to make MeasureCamp happen. Thank you!

VISIBILITY digital sponsored free drinks and a DJ performance for the awesomebeersome afterparty in Avion 58.

Vojtěch Foukal (@vojta), VISIBILITY digital: MCP2015 is for me for now the web analytics event of the year to attend, where majority of top analytics people meet together. I love its focus on expertise and not on selfmarketing. Split of program into smaller groups transforms this event into practical discussion with huge added practical value. More speakers and proper afterparty would help next year. :)”

I don’t know what Vojtech meant by the inproper afterparty. I think 144 beers, 36 rums and 1 fried jalapeños is proper enough!

LMC as our Recruitment partner offered an offline job board. Also LMC sponsored the whole catering. Thanks to them all analysts have been fed properly :-).

Jakub Macura, LMC: “Unique opportunity to get acquainted with interesting people and interesting topics for all digital analytics fans.”

Finally, LMC offered a leg of ham and two beer kegs as a prize for the Best session award. André Heller was the lucky one to obtain the prize.

Job board

Companies that are looking for data analysts:

Also, please check out the list of Czech web analytics roles on the portal

You can also join the discussion on the specific skills (in Czech only) an digital analyst is required to have.

Next steps for you

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